ACA RK-350A or ACA-350 Enclosure Yes 300GB Seagate Barracuda Aluminum Fanless, IDE to USB2 Warmer than my Vantec 360U2. IDE drive set to master. Low-cost. Internal circuit board covers one side of HD (bad for cooling). Edit Delete ADS Tech USB 2.0 SimpleTouch HDKit Enclosure See Notes 40GB Maxtor ADS USB 2.0 Enclosure with One Touch Backup Since this enclosure has a one touch button it is detected as a composite device (HID + HDD), stock Linksys firmware does not detect partitions if hooked up to USB 1. Edit Delete ADS Tech USB 2.0 Drive Kit (USBX-804) Enclosure Yes 20 GB Western Digital It works under NSLU2 and Linux (Gentoo - AMD64) Edit Delete ADS Tech DLX-185 Enclosure Yes 250 Gbyte Hitachi Works on NLSU2, SuSe Linux and W2K Edit Delete AMS (American Media) Venus DS3 (DS-2316SU2S) Enclosure No SATA to USB2.0+SATA Oxford OX921S Flaky. Does not work at all on NSLU2 or my laptop. Works fine on friend's desktop. Edit Delete AcomData 2163 Hard Drive Enclosure Enclosure Yes w/ 250G IDE Drive Aluminum enclosure Only annoyance, the LED is way too bright! Edit Delete AcomData HD080U2FE-72 Enclosure / Drive solution Yes 80 GB fan, firewire, good looks ? Older unit, but nice, quiet, cool Edit Delete AcomData USB 2.0 Aluminum Hard Drive Drive,Enclosure Yes 160GB,320GB Quiet external USB 2.0 hard drive in an attractive aluminum enclosure. Comes with a very solid vertical stand that attaches firmly to the enclosure. Nice. Apparently available only in Canada. Edit Delete Adaptec USB 2.0 Hard Drive Enclosure(No firewire) USB 2.0 Enclosure Yes 250 GB Maxtor No problems encountered, so far. Edit Delete Aitrend HD-260A Smart Drive Series - Mobile 2.5 Enclosure yes Housing 60G Hitachi Travelstar, IC25N060 Genesys Logic, USB 2.0 IDE Adapter , 05e3:0702 Powered from USB port and spin down mode enabled. Branded as Smart-Drive 2.5" Hard Disk Enclosure by, Edit Delete American Media Systems Inc VenusT4U DS-2340UBK 3.5" USB 2.0 Multibay IDE External Enclosure Yes 120MB (2) 60MB (2) Found on for very resonable price Working under WinXPSP2/Win2k3 on disk1 port directly connected, formated NTFS, set workgroup and handle sharing security on pcs Edit Delete Antec MX-1 Enclosure Yes 500GB Seagate ST3500630NS Barracuda ES SATA-II 16MB Cache Activerly Cooled Hard Drive Enclosure unknown Nice, quiet enclosure (though one of two units has a louder fan, not bad enough to bother the hassle of exchanging it). Would recommend after previous failure of a Samsung disk in a fanless enclosure after one year "weekend + evenings" operation. Edit Delete Apacer sl-202 flash NO 256 Mb usb flash key 256 Mb the nslu2 finds it but i cant find it in the nslu2, won't share or turns up in disk 2 etc. light is on and the usb unmount utility for my winxp sees it. Edit Delete Aplux Tripper 2.0 Image Storage Device See Notes 40 GB Tripper is a USB 2.0 Image Storage Device that has an internal 2.5" HDD and a Compact Flash slot. It's used to backup CF cards from digital cameras. While the NSLU2 recognizes both the CF slot and the HDD, the drive isn't useable (at least not when used in Disk 1). An attempt to create /dev/sdb4 and mount the drive locked up the NSLU2. /var/log/messages just has a never-ending stream of I/O errorsAttempts to get Linux (FC2 w/ 2.6.8-1) to recognize the device failed as well. Edit Delete Apple 3rd Generation Hard Drive See Notes 40GB Apple's Music Player that uses a built in 40GB HD, and can used as a normaly HardDrive over FireWire or USB2 The iPod partially works. It's detected as a flash device, and although there is an option to format it, it won't work correctly. What needs to be done is that the entire iPod must be reparationed w/ a dos paration table, and a single FAT32 paration created on it. Then connect it to the NSLU2 and it will automatically mount it. Do not format it as it will stop working. It can't be used as a hard drive or be used to store the configuration files. Edit Delete Argosy Aluminum External USB Enclosure for 2.5 Inch Hard Drive Drive + Enclosure Yes Hitachi 30.01GB Hard Drive USB 2.0 -> 2.5" Hard Driver Carrier PL-2507 03313B SKU: HD 260U Edit Delete Belkin USB 2.0 & Firewire External Drive Enclosure Enclosure Yes 200Gb Model F5U210 Edit Delete Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 External Drive Enclosure Kit (F5U209) USB to IDE Enclosure Yes Maxtor 40GB Diamond Max Plus D740X See notes Enclosure Very Noisy Fan, Hard Drive Very Noisy, Max Enclosure Support HD Size 137GB, With NSLU2 read 4.25MB/s write 3.75MB/s Edit Delete Buffalo Drivestation Drive Yes 250GB External drive with WD2500BB inside Edit Delete Buffalo DriveStation Drive Yes 160GB Edit Delete </PLAINTEXT> </body> </html>